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El-Amin spoke with 100 Days Digital Managing Editor Ashton Marra about the Black In Appalachia podcast’s recent success, the importance of repositioning history and the impact words can have on our understanding of our history. 

Yes Magazine

"Enkeshi El-Amin is a community creator. As someone who came to Knoxville not knowing where she fit in for a long time, El-Amin is committed to helping others like her find a place and a support system that will warmly welcome all Knoxvillians."

Knox News Sentinel

“Enkeshi sets a model for faculty and students of how to do community sociology in a really meaningful way,” says Michelle Christian, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in sociology. “She does what sociologists say we should do but commonly don’t. She’s a trailblazer.”

Torchbearer Magazine, University of Tennessee 

"On Saturday August 27, The Bottom will offer a living exhibit taking viewers on a tour of the original Bottom neighborhood. This exhibit is Dr. Enkeshi El-Amin’s farewell project, a culmination of research on the Bottom neighborhood conducted over the last two years. The community wishes Dr. El-Amin, Founding Director of The Bottom, the best as she leaves Knoxville to accept a position as Assistant Professor of Sociology at West Virginia University."

The Tennessee Tribune

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